To determine what Australian visa options you have, book an initial comprehensive visa assessment which comprises of a 60 minute face to face consultation with our immigration lawyer for a fee of AU$190.00, located either at our Melbourne CBD office or at our after-hour/weekend office or if preferred via Zoom/WhatsApp/ Skype. Should you thereafter wish to proceed with our services, the full amount paid will be set off from our fixed costs.  (terms and conditions apply)

Prior to the consultation, we recommend that you complete our Visa Assessment Questionnaire, in order for us to thoroughly evaluate your chances of being granted a particular visa. Payment of AU$190.00 for all  consultations  will need to be paid in advance (click  Book a Consultation to schedule a meeting and to make payment.

Why should you invest AU$190.00  in our Comprehensive Visa Assessment service?

There are many online migration agents that claim they will provide you with a “free first consultation”. This is usually a drop down lists of questions and based on your answers, it will mention to you if you are eligible to make a particular visa migration application. With these ‘free assessments’ you never get to speak to an agent and in our case an ‘Australian immigration lawyer’, as you are not receiving any actual legal advice. The response that you will be receiving is based on a set of questions and even if you appear to have qualified for a particular category of visa, you may be prompted to transfer money to the agent to proceed with your application. At First Legal & Migration Services, we only charge  a nominal fee of AU$190.00 for a Comprehensive Visa Assessment, which comprises of  a sixty (60) minute consultation with our registered Australian immigration lawyer.

When you pay the first consultation fee, it means that you become our client and that we will stand by the legal advice we give you. Should you thereafter decide to instruct us to proceed with your matter, being lawyers and not just registered migration agents, we will undertake to provide you with the best legal advice and assistance in our official capacity.

After consulting with you, should it appear that you are not eligible to qualify for a particular visa, we will provide you with the best advice available in order for you to qualify and not encourage you to spend more money other than our first consultation fee.

In summary

  • Australian visa applications for migration can be very complex.
  • There may well be more than one visa you are eligible for.
  • Often there is more than one approach that can be taken with migration to Australia.
  • Australian immigration regulations are frequently subject to change.
  • Visa applications can be a minefield of unforeseen pitfalls & problems.
  • Visa application charges are significant and non-refundable.
  • You will be taking advantage of our professional expertise and experience to identify the best strategy for you.

Using our Comprehensive Visa Assessment service to help you with your visa application, will enable you to maximise your chances of a successful application and realising your dream of migration to Australia.

To proceed with an initial Comprehensive Visa Assessment/ consultation, please follow our online instructions:

Online instructions:

  1. Prior to the consultation, we recommend that you complete our Visa Assessment Questionnaire;
  2. Payment of AU$190.00 for all consultations  will need to be paid in advance (click  Book a Consultation to schedule a meeting and to make payment;